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How It Works

Step 1 ~ Planning

In order for us to provide a quote, the client is first asked to provide at a minimum, an outline of the logical structure of the site in an outline form, where the top level items are the main items for the site’s navigation. Sometimes the outline will be revised as the project moves along, but this helps to identify all of the pieces of the puzzle from the beginning.

We ask you to complete a design questionnaire so that you can tell us more about you, your business, and how you want your website to look.

Giving us clear direction is critical ~ Taking time to fill out the questionnaire thoroughly goes a long way in helping us understand your vision for the project. After we solidify exactly what you are looking for, we will move on to graphic design and approval.

Step 2 ~ Design

Estimated Timeframe: Approximately 2-3 weeks for initial design plus any time required for revisions

Deposit: 1/3 of the total project amount is required to start the Design phase

Once your initial deposit is received, we will begin the graphic design phase.

We will create a static mock-up of your site for you to critique. This is your chance to tell us what you like and what you don’t like. It is very important that you give us feedback and this stage. Making major changes once we have moved on to Implementation can result in an increase to your original estimated price.

We typically allow two major alterations to the mock-ups before we discuss estimated price increases. Major alterations include large, dramatic changes to the design ~ such as a completely new layout, new graphics, new features or functionality. Minor tweaks and revisions are accepted throughout the design process.

Step 3 ~ Implementation (The Build)

Estimated Timeframe: Approximately 2 weeks for an average size site (10-20 pages). The amount of time for this phase can vary greatly depending on the size of the site and how much content has been provided by the client.

Deposit: The next 1/3 of the total project amount is required to start the Build/Implementation phase

This is when we will actually build your site ~ install software, set up any special functionality, integrate your design, perform any custom coding you have requested.

Our preference is to build the site on your domain. If you already have a live site, we will work in a test environment on your domain. This way you can watch the progress and see it all come together.

Step 4 ~ Formatting your Content

Now that the framework for your site is built, it’s time to format all of the content (text and images, etc.) you want on your site. If you have prepared your content before-hand, we will format and implement it during the Implementation phase.

It’s never too early to start working on your content!

Step 5 ~ Launch!

When all of your content has been formatted and implemented on your test site, you will be ready to go live with the website.

If your site is running in a test environment, we will move it to its final location.

We will take down your “coming soon” page if you have one.

The remaining balance on the project is collected at this time.

Please note that all claims for defects, corrections, or glitches must be made within 14 days of project completion. All requests made after the 14 day period are subject to additional fees at our normal hourly rates.

If you have any questions about the design process, please contact us.