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Online Backup

Baton Rouge online data backupMost businesses spend thousands of dollars on hardware maintenance and warranties every year but overlook the need to protect the real asset of their business the data.

Could your business survive a catastrophic data loss due to hardware failure or other misfortunes? Research shows that the majority of businesses couldn’t. That is why we have partnered with Intronis to provide the eSureIT online backup and archiving solutions that make sense for businesses of all sizes.

eSureIT is an automated online backup and archiving technology that has been specifically designed for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Easy-to-use eSureIT provides Fortune 500 protection and security for any size business that is truly affordable. eSureIT lets the SMB owner focus growing their business instead of agonizing about critical data protection.

Consider eSureIT’s business-centric advantages:

  • Easy to use automated backup – set it and forget it
  • Flexible management – you choose what to backup and when
  • Efficient 2:1 data compression for lightning fast backup
  • Strong 256 AES encryption during backup and archiving
  • Anywhere, anytime data recovery – all you need is a PC